Lee County Women's Tennis League

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System is UP

' Tis the hard court season!


Thanks to Sue Ann Fahnenstiel for completing the new schedules for the 2014-2015 season.

Click on Schedules in the navigation bar above to select the schedule you wish to look at.

Let Jenny Clark-King know your fall meeting dates.

Have a wonderful Summer.

Welcome to the LCWTL Website

Useful Tip

When you choose either Display Registered Teams, Players with Ratings, or Players with Teams from the Teams/Registration menu, you can click on the column headers to sort the file according to that header.

Example: On the Players with Teams page, you can click on TeamName and the whole list will sort by Team Name.


Any questions please contact your Division Officers or Designated Officer who will be receiving the money.

At this time only Division Officers can add players to or remove players from your team.

Reminder for Division Officers:

To add or delete players:

  1. From the Teams/Registration menu choose Register Players.

  2. Enter your Division Officer password. 

  3. Select the team you are adding a player too.
  5. Find the player in the drop down list and click Add. ( To remove a player, select the player in the team list and click Remove.)

  6. Click Review Players to see the whole roster.

  7. If you need to edit a phone number, click Edit next to the players name, change the phone number and click Update.

DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ELSE...just close the window.

To check the team roster:

  1. From the Teams/Registration menu choose View Rosters
  2. Selecting the division and team to see the full roster for the team.

The new By-Laws and Rules are available. Click on the LCWTL Rules button below.