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Welcome to the LCWTL Website

Check out the new Match Results page.

To correct any errors, the home captain shall send an email to Audrey and the Director with LCWTL: Match ID number xxxx in the subject line. The Match ID number is in the top left blue header on the screen showing the match you have entered. Please include your name, club/division. Example:

Please reveiw the Score Entry Procedure here.

For help with using Subs in matches, read this document:

How to Use Substitutes for LCWTL Play (updated 10/19/14)

Club Information

Choose Club and Facility Information from the Information Tab to access directions to the club you are travelling to.

Reviewing Results

We have refined the Match Results page. Under the Scores/Results tab click on:

Match Results

Use the selection boxes to find the information you want. You cannot enter a team without entering a division.

To see all the results in a division , select the division and the date you wish to view. You can scroll through all results entered that day

You should be able to find any information you want to from this new webpage.

Let us know of any issues.

Past Season's Results

Under Information you can select Past Season's Results and access the record of individuals as far back as 2005-2006


Click here to access a sheet to record your Match Wins/Losses