Lee County Women's Tennis League

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please register your Players

June 2-12

Captains, please check your team is registered. If you failed to register your team contact Marianne Crouch.

Captains will:

  • register Players between June 2 -June 12
  • will mail in list of players and money to Designated Officer by June 16. ( Allow time for mail).

Dues ($15 per player per team) to League Treasurer by June 25

Division Officers please read "Form 25 -Determining Season Play"

Welcome to the LCWTL Website


Captains are resonsible for registering their teams and their players. This is a two step process. If you do not have a password, contact your division officers.

Open and/or Print the following documents. Please READ them carefully, they tell you what to do. The Captain's worksheet will help you start the process.

When you register your team you will receive an acknowledgement from your designated officer.

When you register your players you will print two copies of an email that is sent to you and your designated officer. You will send one signed copy of this email along with your money to your designated officer so that she receives it by JUNE 16. You will keep the other for your records.

Your designated officers' street address is in the email and she will send you an email confirming the receipt of your money.Dues remain at $15.00 per person per team.

Any questions please contact your Division Officers or Designated Officer who will be receiving the money.

Between June 16-25 no players can be added.

After June 25, Division Officers are responsible for adding players to or deleting players from your team.

Note: A player who is registered on a team by August 1, 2015 will receive a book.

Days Of Play for 2015-2016

Click here to see the rating requirements for each division



Wed Thu Fri

4.0 minus





3.5 minus


3.0 minus


Cobalt- Sr.4.0 minus

Bronze - Sr.3.0 minus

Copper- Sr.3.5 minus


Gold - Sr. 4.0

Silver - Sr. 3.5

Nickel- Sr. 3.0