Lee County Women's Tennis League

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System is UP


The Grass Season is here!


what you need to know

The Executive Officers wish to thank you for a "job well done" with the registration process.

Only division officers can continue to add players to teams. Captains, please use Form 8 to add or remove players from your team. Any player added before August 1 will receive a book and be listed in the player directory.

Division Officers will report all player additions, deletions and tranfers on Form 10. You will hand this form in to the League Treasurer at the October 6, 2015 Board Meeting.

Division Officers should send the date, time, and location of their Fall Meeting Date to Jenny Clark-King.

This website will be unavailable during August due to maintenance. Please keep all player additions until September during this time.

Welcome to the LCWTL Website.

At this time, we have a total of 1922 players playing on at least one team.

We have 1421 on all rated teams and 501 players who only play 50+.

Currently we have added 182 new players, those who have not yet played in 2015.


The initial registration phase for the 2015-2016 season is over.

After June 25, Division Officers are responsible for adding players to or deleting players from your team.

Note: A player who is registered on a team by August 1, 2015 will receive a book.

Days Of Play for 2015-2016

Click here to see the rating requirements for each division



Wed Thu Fri

4.0 minus





3.5 minus


3.0 minus


Cobalt- Sr.4.0 minus

Bronze - Sr.3.0 minus

Copper- Sr.3.5 minus


Gold - Sr. 4.0

Silver - Sr. 3.5

Nickel- Sr. 3.0